Zigzags & Circles #4

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Zigzags & Circles #4
67 in
41 in
(170 cm x 104 cm)
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In 2021, as part of my ongoing effort to simplify my work, I decided to design a series of pieces that combined freeform zigzags, circles, and a few freeform curves. I drew the whole design in Corel Draw, added some digital painting, and had it printed by Spoonflower.com. I chose warm tones and graduated many of the shapes from color to color. As I arranged the shapes in the design, I made the areas where they overlapped into separate shapes and chose duller colors in those shapes to create the illusion that all the shapes are transparent. I quilted the black lines, and the purple, curved shapes with a regular sewing machine foot using heavy, #30 top-stitching thread. In the rest of the quilt, I used free-motion quilting with many different colors of thread and several different patterns, including circles combined with meanders, zigzags, echo quilting. The binding fabric is from my Gradations collection and the backing fabric was hand painted with dye.
Digitally painted and printed, machine quilted