Within Your Reach

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Within Your Reach
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Julie Duschack
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Within Your Reach was my first figurative quilt, and also the first and last time I used tulle to this degree. Tulle is actually great for influencing color, and with enough layers can stand on it's own. For the mermaid figure up to 5 layers of tulle in various colors were placed over one soft yellow cotton background fabric to create the mermaids various skin tones and shadows. I went on to use tulle to a lesser degree and the reverse machine applique technique for many other quilts.

What I was looking for with this design is to show the mermaid reaching up out of the darkness, into the light. We all need to be inspired by others and to recognize our own courage as we tackle our personal challenges.
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, tulle, polyester red and yellow for mermaids tail, previously used for kids Halloween costume.
Reverse machine applique, zig-zag thread painting for plant material,

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