Wandering 'Round my World

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Wandering 'Round my World
38 in
60 in
(97 cm x 152 cm)
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To create this piece I made 10 "circle quilts" and 3 background sections and then connected them into one piece for the final wall hanging. Each circle contains lots of detailed appliqué stitching and enhancements. A row of mini-piping around each circle allowed a nice, smooth curve to form. I feel this piece utilizes all my years of sewing construction & sewing machine experience. I love using this knowledge from my past to create unique and fresh ideas in the quilting genre!

This world is a magical and wonderful place! So many experiences to discover, so much to learn, so many places & possibilities to explore. I always feel happiest when I circle back and return home.
Hand dyed fabrics, commercial cotton, paint, beads
Machine appliquéd, machine quilted