Virtuous Circle

My work explores human connections to Nature—how all earthly things are linked. It seeks to call attention to the fragility of the natural world, as well as its beauty and resilience. It is a metaphor—one thread is indeed fragile but many threads, holding together, make the world.

“Virtuous Circle” tells the story of Alaska’s most precious natural resource. For me, the salmon is a symbol of sacrifice and renewal. Adult salmon return to the rivers of their birth to create the next generation, swimming upstream in a long arduous struggle at the end of which they die. Their decomposing bodies release essential nutrients into the river, creating a nourishing environment for the next generation. In spring, the eggs hatch, and the young salmon travel down to the sea to begin the cycle again.

In this era of climate change, the lives of salmon are made more tenuous by the warming of the oceans and rivers. How much longer will we humans be able to enjoy their wild bounty?
Polyester and Viscose thread, water-soluble stabilizer.
Machine embroidery and hand stitching.

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