Veiled Windows

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Veiled Windows
15 in
58 in
12 in
(38 cm x 147 cm x 30 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Berman
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Fundamentally a storyteller, my goal is to create thought provoking narratives using fabric, dyes, silkscreens, and ink to develop a visual dialogue with the viewer. Based on vintage post card images, this piece is one in series of works portraying women from all over the world, with strikingly varied concepts of beauty. The images presented are Japanese geisha, and despite the often negative connotation, true geisha were highly trained in dance, music, and art. Their aloof expressions were part of their allure, as their rigorous training was designed to create a presence of subtlety, strength and grace.
Cotton fabric, procion dyes, silkscreens, textile inks, fabric paints, fusible web, image transfer materials, Peltex, cotton batting, cotton, metallic and rayon threads.