Unaffordable Housing II:A Conversation

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Unaffordable Housing II:A Conversation
35 in
35 in
(89 cm x 89 cm)
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"Unaffordable Housing II: A Conversation" is part of a series expressing my concern about the housing crisis in this country. I began this series in 2018, when I read articles about how developers creating high density housing in urban areas (purportedly to address deteriorating infrastructure) were upending neighborhoods and driving people, especially those from underserved communities, into homelessness. There are so many issues at the root of inadequate, unaffordable housing and homelessness, including economic inequality, racial injustice, joblessness, catastrophic weather conditions from climate change, waves of migration, and insufficient mental health resources. The lack of a safe, secure home severs our connection with each other and our community. More attention and conversation on this complex and terrible housing crisis is needed.
Raw silk, satin, cotton, batiks
Pieced, fused, hand dyed, machine quilted