Trees, Lumber, Houses, People

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Trees, Lumber, Houses, People
36 in
48 in
(91 cm x 122 cm)
Photo Credit
Robert Comings
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In Trees, Lumber, Houses, People, I wanted to show the elements of processing timber from raw woodlands to the finished products of housing. Most of us live fairly comfortable lives within our finished and very complicated houses and don't regularly think about the initial materials of wood, ore and human labor that have gone into the making of our homes. I hope people think about how to practice sustainability in logging so there will be trees in our future.
100% cotton broad cloth. The paint is acrylic made for the airbrush. Hand quilting was done with cotton thread.
These 12" squares of images were created individually about logging and building. I drew on freezer paper and then picked the ones that seemed to tell the many aspects of the story the best. All of the color and imagery is from paint. I airbrushed and hand painted in acrylics by cutting out parts of the image, airbrushing, and then reattaching the paper. Airbrushing creates a soft edge unless it is blocked off by a frisket shape or pattern.