Tracings Series: 6, 7, 8

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Tracings Series: 6, 7, 8
60 in
66 in
(152 cm x 168 cm)
Photo Credit
Deidre Adams
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My work is inspired by a lot of things: my photos of old walls with peeling stuff and layers revealed, old floors, maps. Not only that, but the evolution of things in a news story, the cycle in which day by day the layers are peeled back and more is revealed, showing that there is always more to a thing than meets the eye at first. Most of my work includes a process that involves both creation and destruction, building up and tearing down.

As human beings have evolved throughout time, we have developed various systems of knowing to help us make sense of our world. Language, mathematics, science, physics, artwork, music, philosophy, religion � these are some of the systems that help us to understand, record, and communicate the lived experience of being human. And as we go through our lives, we feel compelled to leave traces of our existence, from the simplest hand-drawn markings on wood or stone to the most complex technological creations. We want someone else to know, "I was here."
Commercial cottons, acrylic paint, found papers: textbooks, dictionaries, newspapers, sheet music, maps, foreign language books, religious and patriotic texts, candy bar and other wrappings, bingo score sheets, etc.
Machine pieced and quilted, hand painted. Found papers layered, stitched, and torn.