In Times Gone By

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In Times Gone By
17 in
17.5 in
(43 cm x 44 cm)
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A lot of my work for the past few years has used aspects of history with an impact on our culture today. In the current climate where everything is new, instant and shiny, history has relevance; old buildings have a soul that modern buildings do not possess. I find myself returning to those old buildings to look at the marks of passing time.

My work has focused on old, decaying buildings. Structures that show the ravages of time. Weathered wood, rusted metal, peeling paint. The work takes on various shapes and forms to draw the viewer in. The layered elements are used to give the impression of time passing, buildings deteriorating, disappearing slowly to make room for the new.

I hope to make visible what is overlooked as old and obsolete and give back the beauty to these old buildings.
Cotton, thread, papers, tissue paper, manipulated photographs
Painted, monoprinted, and free motion quilted