Ties That Bind

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Ties That Bind
61 in
32 in
(155 cm x 81 cm)
Photo Credit
Brandon Malone
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Working in a thrift store made me aware of how many items of clothing and linens are thrown out each year. I have learned how to mend much of my own clothing in an effort to reduce waste, but some items are just too badly damaged. When I saw Upcycle, I immediately thought of my totally worn out jeans and the piles of damaged materials in the thrift store headed for the trash. This quilt is made of my jeans, old linens, and small fabric scraps and batting from my own quilting waste. It represents family and how we move away from each other, come back together, and move apart again, always tied to each other. Family is the fabric and foundation of our lives.
Denim, cotton fabric, cotton cord
Machine appliqu├ęd, machine and hand quilted, mended