Through the Gazebo Window

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Through the Gazebo Window
62 in
86 in
(157 cm x 218 cm)
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My intention in designing this quilt was to create a fabric landscape with a very literal, three dimensional foreground, fading into a more abstract background. This landscape became a composite of my favorite Springtime images. This was not my first piece of art about irisis. I had previously made a stained glass window and a screen printed textile design with the same theme. The irisis in my own garden were the inspiration for this theme. (see pictures below).

My first step was to cut a 2" strip of almost every fabric I owned. More than three hundred different fabrics comprised my "palette" of colors. I strip pieced these different print and solid fabrics together in sets of three related colors.
fabric: 100% cotton / batting: 100% polyester
Hand dyed, hand and machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted