Tesoro Escondido

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Tesoro Escondido
30.5 in
40.5 in
(77 cm x 103 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Berman
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The concept, interpretation, and characteristics of beauty are remarkably different from country to country, across continents, and even within tribunal communities. Tesoro Escondido is based on images of native Argentines from the Chaco area captured from vintage postcards of the 1900s. It is part of a series portraying women from all over the world, with strikingly varied and distinct definitions of beauty. The images reflect the specific heritage and cultural identity of this Chaco community, including uniquely painted and tattooed faces, hairstyles, and jewelry. Stern, resolute expressions reflect strength and equality, a common ethnic value of these indigenous people.
Cotton, dyes, textile inks, silkscreen materials, fusible web, textile paint, foils
Silkscreened, fused, foiled, painted, machine pieced, quilted