Tears for Sandy Hook

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Tears for Sandy Hook
30 in
17.5 in
(76 cm x 44 cm)
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There were no words for my grief and fury over the slaughter of innocent children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Other than follow the news, all I could do was work out my feelings in cloth, stitch and paint. The result is a quilt of contrasts: glowing silk that is evenly machine stitched -- juxtaposed with roughly woven dyed cotton and black felt accentuated with chaotic hand embroidery and wild machine quilting. A teardrop bead, and "halo" of sorts, remembers each lost child; other beads and bits of cloth recall the teachers and the troubled shooter. I never tire of this quilt, the prayer it expresses, and the protest it registers against violence.
Silk, ice-dyed cotton, felt, netting, assorted threads, perle cotton, beads, metallic paint.
Improvisation, fabric fusing, raw-edge applique, painting, layering, hand embroidery, machine quilting, knotting, bead embellishment.