Summer Tomatoes

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Summer Tomatoes
37 in
48 in
(94 cm x 122 cm)
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Influenced by the nostalgia of old film, I capture candid moments from the 1930’s to the 1950’s in my textile work. Particularly choosing images that appear photo-journalistic, my work celebrates moments that are simultaneously ordinary and meaningful. Vintage images seem purer, even elegant in their simplicity. It evokes a wistfulness, a feeling of nostalgic happiness, but also loss of something deeply important and soulful. There’s no showing off, just pure moments… in the moment. This gives me a glimpse into the life of those who have come before me. The fashion styles, in particular, are so different from where we are today. My color scheme models the subdued palette of old film, featuring grays, dusty blues, ashen greens, and a variety of browns. By combining textures and patterns, my work allows the viewer to experience not only the history through imagery, but also my contemporary fiber technique.
Commercial batiks, cotton thread
Hand cut, raw-edge machine appliquéd, machine quilted