Structures #11

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Structures #11
47 in
72 in
(119 cm x 183 cm)
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Structures #11 is one of the first pieces in the Structures series. A series that ended up spanning across 15 years of my art career and completing in 2016 with 200 completed textile paintings. This piece appeared on the cover of the quilt national catalog for 2003.

Humans have an innate desire for connection. We long to be understood, to feel close to others, to create bonds. Yet fear of rejection often results in the construction of walls and ultimately disconnection.

The Structure Series investigates this creation of barriers. The impact it has on our relationships and our self-understanding. Of hiding our true thoughts and feelings, both from each other and frequently from ourselves.

Ultimately my passion is the celebration of courage as we break down the barricades and let people in.

I explore closeness, distance, connection and open spaces with my lines. Human-made structures for containment such as fences and stone walls are also referenced in the geometric designs.
Dye, fabric
Free-hand cut, machine pieced and quilted