Spruce Wasteland: Hope

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Spruce Wasteland: Hope
42 in
46 in
(107 cm x 117 cm)
Photo Credit
Eric Nancarrow
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I have been part of an ongoing series of climate change visual art shows in Alaska, "In Time of Change", with varying themes. This piece was in ITOC: The Art of Fire. Artists are introduced to scientists and work with them to produce a depth of knowledge for our work.
This quilt depicts bare ground and dead trees after a fire. The intensity of the fire will affect how the area will revegetate. If the fire does not burn too deeply, some plants have roots that will re-grow new plants, and can cover the ground area with one species of plants, where previously there were many.
Cotton fabric, Procion MX dye, fabric paint. Machine pieced, machine quilted.
Fabric discharge, painted and silk-screened images.