Sound Waves

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Sound Waves
78 in
58 in
(198 cm x 147 cm)
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This was my first large quilt . Inspired by the colour "waves" on a stack of CD's. The quilt won 1st place in an Innovative category at a National Quilt show at Ascot, UK, in 1996.
I teach both soft furnishing and contemporary quilting. I have been very fortunate over the years to have had so many talented and inspirational students who won awards for their work.
Inspiration for my work comes from variety of sources. It can be nature, colours, textures, an expression. I work in a contemporary style. For most of my work I now use my own hand dyed, rusted, discharged fabrics. I both hand and machine quilt, and decisions how I quilt are made on the effects I am after.
Commercial fabrics, (Jinny Beyer's colour palette), Machine dyed background fabric.
Metallic thread
Rotary cutting, machine piecing, fabric manipulation, fabric insertion, machine quilted