Social Distance

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Social Distance
46 in
34 in
(117 cm x 86 cm)
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After isolating and looking inward during the early phases of the pandemic, I felt the need to tell a larger story. I began seeing disposable masks hung from trees like some sort of bizarre ornament. Plastic gloves were carelessly discarded. The pandemic seemed to give people an excuse to go back to plastic polluting.

While these thoughts were mulling around in my brain, a small package of masks arrived at my house courtesy of the mayor. This gift seemed providential. I could use the masks to print up new fabrics. I combined the refuse with circle imagery from previous quilts. Circles include but also exclude. What goes inside our Covidian circle? What do we keep out?
Cotton, acrylic paint, gelatin plate
Printed, raw-edge appliqu├ęd, machine quilted