Sikiel: Angel of the Sirocco

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Sikiel: Angel of the Sirocco
36 in
48 in
(91 cm x 122 cm)
Photo Credit
Kerby C. Smith
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Driving across Nevada, a hot wind sent clouds scudding above, and buffeted us with an almost physical presence. My husband photographed the clouds as I drove. Later, I found the name Sikiel, Angel of the Sirocco. This is what I imagined that day - a vast figure striding along just out of sight in the empty desert spaces. This was a very challenging project to construct, as it is almost entirely machine pieced, working extemporaneously with no pattern.
Digitally printed cotton fabric, and cotton, silk, and cheesecloth fabrics. Textile oil pastel crayons.
Machine pieced, hand appliqu�d, hand quilted with quilting and perle cotton threads.