She gazed at the carousel through rose-colored glasses

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She gazed at the carousel through rose-colored glasses
67 in
49 in
57 in
(170 cm x 124 cm x 145 cm)
Photo Credit
Steven Ornish
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A love of vintage quilting, and a desire to repurpose damaged textiles, continues to inspire my work. This marvelous, unevenly faded, damaged yo-yo quilt was generously gifted to me by a fan who saw my recent solo exhibition at Visions Art Museum in San Diego. The woman constructed each individual yo-yo and joined them to create two twin-size quilts (one of which she gave me) to "pass the time" during World War II. While the quilt was draped on a dress form, I unstitched, repositioned and restitched innumerable yo-yos to create a tailored evening gown. The necklace, also created from the yo-yos, can be worn separately. This was another of my “zero-waste” creations, since there were no leftover yoyos upon completion.
1944 vintage yo-yo quilt, vintage lace, snaps, interfacing, repurposed cloth flower, lace scraps, twill tape, thread, dress form.
Hand-stitching to reinforce, or repair missing stiches; hand=stitched lace on the edge of the sleeve and flower; machine stitching on the stiffened collar, and on twill tape reinforced areas. Innumerable yo-yos were removed and repositioned to create a tailored evening gown with a long train.