Seams a Lot Like Degas

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Seams a Lot Like Degas
48 in
52 in
(122 cm x 132 cm)
Photo Credit
Kerby C. Smith
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This piece was done in response to the call for the "Artistic Expressions" competition for Quilt Expo V in Lyon, France, where it was awarded Best of Show. I was exploring free-form piecing and distorting traditional blocks for depth and dimension, inspired by a small, rough pastel by Edgar Degas. Among other honors, it was named one of the "100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century" exhibit, which debuted at Houston Quilt Festival. In its travels it has visited France twice, Japan once, and many other places. Even more than its award history, I'm most honored to find that somehow it seems to have struck a chord with many people, and over the years am often told how much it meant to them when they first saw it.
Cotton fabrics, photocopied muslin, textile paints.
Original black and white drawings photocopied onto muslin. Hand painted with textile paints. Machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted.