Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone
71 in
40 in
(180 cm x 102 cm)
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The Rosetta Stone, an ancient stele with a bi-lingual inscription in three 'alphabets', provided the key to the deciphering of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. This fact gives it a monumentality far beyond its modest size. My quilted homage substitutes medieval, industrial and post-industrial technological symbols and languages for the Greek and Egyptian of the original Stone. There are alchemical references hidden in the quilting in the borders, to remind the viewer that despite the explosive increase in scientific and technological knowledge during the 20th century, many questions remained unanswered. When faced with a particularly sanctimonious pronouncement about the latest discovery, it amuses me to think that once upon a time, alchemy was at the cutting edge of science.
Cotton and cotton blend fabrics, some painted
Machine pieced, hand appliqu�d and reverse appliqu�d, hand quilted.