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31 in
42 in
(79 cm x 107 cm)
Photo Credit
Wes Magyar
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Private Collection Mr and Mrs David Morris

This original whole cloth quilt with an appliquéd overlay was created using thicken dyes, felt, and textile paint on silk fabric. The complex surface texture was established using thermofax screens created by the artist. Thiox discharge was employed to add visual interest to the background and foreground. Many layers were manipulated to achieve a surface worthy of the beauty of the African princess who rescues the wounded bird from the obscured pink snake. All images are crafted by the artist using textile paint and watercolor pencils as well as the extensive thread work which was produced on a home sewing machine.

The art and act of face painting crosses the great cultural divide
A common thread among women universally is the desire to develop and cultivate their physical beauty. This young girl exemplifies beauty in the truest sense by act and deed.

Silk, paint, felt, gold leaf, textile makers
Appliquéd, painted, machine stitched