Remembrance of Friends

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Remembrance of Friends
54 in
30 in
(137 cm x 76 cm)
Photo Credit
digiphoto Cortland NY
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This quilt was developed from a water color painting class that I took. In my initial paintings I wasn't pleased with the way I had painted the background, so on my next attempt I chose to paint the background first and left the flowers as a white negative space. That inspired me to make the white a stencil and stamp,paint,and paint over the stencil. I call this quilt Remembrance of Friends in memory of the good times we have shared.
bleached canvas, acrylic inks and paints, and dyes sprayed, stamped and printed on the canvas; machine threads of many colors
This whole cloth quilt was made by using my own hand cut stencils, dyeing and painting, stamping and machine stitching.