Redeeming Fragments

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Redeeming Fragments
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After a 20 year break, I decided to finish my Fine Arts degree. As my time at college was coming to a close, I took Beginning Lithography and Advanced Lithography classes. The focus of these classes was printing on paper, but on my own time I chose to experiment with printing on cotton fabric as well. At the end of the two classes, I took my samples and made this composition. The quilt top was presented in class for the final critique. Most of the students had never seen any fiber art before. The quilt was also shown in the Senior Show, which was exciting to me since I had been told that fiber art was not fine art.

"Redeeming Fragments" utilizes a variety of lithography methods. The title refers to the appropriation of these experimental prints to create a finished piece. It echoes the idea of traditional quilts being made from useless scraps. Personally, it references the hodgepodge of college classes I took over a 27 year period before I finally receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in November 2006.
100% cotton fabric, 100% wool batting, assorted threads
Lithography on fabric, fused applique, machine quilted

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