Queer Boy

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Queer Boy
52 in
48 in
(132 cm x 122 cm)
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I continue to explore the issue of personal identity in my art quilts. Queer Boy started from a school photo of me taken when I was five or six years old. I’m sure that at the time of this snapshot, I had little awareness of my sexual preferences. I was a very late bloomer and didn’t come out of the closet until college. I believe I was gay even at this early age, but that part of my personality had not yet fully emerged, at least not consciously. I was also one of those “sensitive” kids and cried at the drop of a hat. The word queer in the title of this piece refers to my gayness as well as my tendency to be over-sensitive and slightly odd.
Pima cotton, vintage tablecloth, yarn
Photo transferred, appliquéd, hand embroidered, machine quilted