The Presence of His Absence

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The Presence of His Absence
29 in
19 in
(74 cm x 48 cm)
Photo Credit
Jill Heller
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My husband suffered several strokes leaving only the memory of who he had been. At first his world was confusing and chaotic. As time wore on it became clear that although his body was present, he was absent. Thus he is portrayed here as a shadow figure void of the self that gave him dimension. The quilting and shards of fabric represent the initial chaos his life was thrust into. The tiny red spot on his head indicates where the first clot landed.
I hope this quilt will covey to the viewer the loss of his substance and the loneliness of a once vibrant man under attack by his own body. He is here but not here.
Appliqu├ęd, machine quilted, hand-sewn scraps