Prairie/Wall 3: Autumn Bluestem

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Prairie/Wall 3: Autumn Bluestem
59 in
88.5 in
0.25 in
(150 cm x 225 cm x 1 cm)
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My love affair with Wisconsin continues in the pursuit of the prairie. Once vast and almost endless, we now cultivate prairies in sanctuaries.

Every year I visit my home state of Wisconsin to renew my relationships with family, friends and the land. This yearly pilgrimage realigns my work unexpectedly; I am swayed by its charms.

In the first two quilts of this series, I pictured the wall at the top of the "grass." Here, the wall is part of the grass itself.
Dye and paint on fabric (silk, cotton, polyester, commercial, found and recycled clothing), cotton batting, cotton backing
Dye painted and monoprinted, fused collage, machine quilted