Polar and Bi – Episode II

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Polar and Bi – Episode II
54 in
30 in
(137 cm x 76 cm)
Photo Credit
Steve Ryan
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Bipolar disorder affects many individuals; emotions of joy and despair are juxtaposed with the flow of mania and depression. It comes and goes, and ebbs and flows without warning or notice. Often combined with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, a person can be afflicted and not know it until they find themselves lost. I conquer it by creating art that exposes the intensity of the sensations with color. The rigid order of stitches, adjacent to the chaos of gathered fuzzy silk ribbon, brings peace.
Linen, silk, cotton, hand dyed and hand spun yarns and silks, wool felt, embellishments, recycled men’s ties, silk paper, beads
Hand and machine stitched, embroidered, nuno and wet felted, hand spun