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37 in
37 in
(94 cm x 94 cm)
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The peony is a symbol of family history for me. Growing up on a farm in Indiana, most of the landscape around me had the purpose of providing food. The flower bushes were my grandmother’s only addition that was there just for the sake of beauty. A large patch of peony bushes overflowed into our home when they bloomed in the spring. This tradition was continued by my mother and then by me.

Only when I moved to Arizona and became unable to grow them, did I consider purchasing a bouquet of peonies. I felt compelled to honor them by creating something permanent. It has been a long journey, but one that has provided a lot of memories. Peony is a whimsical interpretation of opposites attracting, with monochrome bees compelled toward the vibrant peony.
Cotton, tulle
Drawn, printed, pieced, quilted