Pattern Fusion No. 19: Motherboard 10 (vertical)

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Pattern Fusion No. 19: Motherboard 10 (vertical)
54 in
42 in
(137 cm x 107 cm)
Photo Credit
Walz Photography, Lexington, KY
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In 2004 a new art quilt series was conceived which is titled PATTERN FUSION and in 2014 a sub-series, MOTHERBOARD, was added to it. These developing permutations return to textile patterns of traditional basic weave formats and exploring quilt motifs using recycled materials for the vertical and horizontal elements. In the MOTHERBOARD pieces I replicate the design has an innate graphic pattern. Recycled 35 mm microfilm and the addition of various colored Mylar, machine stitching, embroidery, and layers of netting creates several fused patterns when these materials are joined together by interlacing. Some of the results are subtle and others bold. In addition, a kinetic quality is created from the surface texture of the Mylar and film elements that respond to ambient light and with the movement of the spectator when viewed close-up and afar. Several pieces have received recognition through invitational exhibitions and juried into international, national, and region exhibitions.
Digital specialty perforation tape, recycled auto industry Mylar, recycled library 35 mm microfilm, monofilament and cotton threads, Holographic tape, Pellon, polymer medium, and fabric backed.
Machine stitched, layered, and appliqué; hanging sleeve on backside.