On the Path

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On the Path
45 in
120 in
(114 cm x 305 cm)
Photo Credit
Zenna Dunnewold
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My people have been forced to leave their ancestral homelands for as long as history has been recorded. Moving towards an uncertain destiny as the story is written, without more than crackers in their pockets. In my work, I am attempting to create a narrative of a people on the move, some tired, some drained of all energy. And yet, some remain hopeful, searching into the horizon for some sign of welcome.

They are weary as they carry their earthly belongings, their children and their elderly, escaping oppression and seeking a new start. Without a clear sense of destination, they cling to each other and have faith that a new day will dawn. Today our people cling to an ancestral home ferociously, hoping that our past identity that has been synonymous with the Diaspora can turn into a new page of permanence.