Past as Prelude

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Past as Prelude
43 in
43 in
(109 cm x 109 cm)
Photo Credit
Chris Lorents
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My inspiration for Past as Prelude came as I was working on an entry for another SAQA exhibition, Musica! That piece included copious amounts of metal leaf. I ended up with a pile of lint roller sheets flecked with gold, silver, and copper leaf begging to be upcycled. Two lint roller sheets combined to make a square, and the squares a grid. The blocks functioned as containers for personal artifacts. Each presented a design challenge. This piece and the project for Musica! will always be linked in my mind because the scraps of one became the foundation of the other, but also because the little constellations of artifacts adorning the surface look to me like musical notations on a grid of golden memories.
Lint roller sheets, gel medium, muslin, silk, paper clips, packing materials, paper palette, painted/printed fusibles, fabrics, buttons, orphaned earring, postage stamp
Fused, stitched, embellished, photo transferred