The Passover Seder

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The Passover Seder
30 in
60 in
(76 cm x 152 cm)
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The Passover Seder joins together family, friends, and often people we have just met, to question, to teach, to listen, to remember, and to celebrate. The ritual includes retelling the story of Hebrew enslavement in Egypt and the journey to freedom, which connects us to a shared history and culture. Over time, Passover has come to symbolize any journey which brings us from bondage into liberty, and the debt of appreciation we owe for our deliverance. It connects our hearts with freedom and gratitude. Celebrated each spring, the tradition also fosters a sense of connection with nature’s eternal, cyclical rhythm. The symbolic foods remind us of new shoots and new beginnings, which always seem to emerge after the darkest of times, inspiring us to look forward with hopeful anticipation.
Cotton, metallic fabric, fabric ink
Raw-edge appliquéd, machine quilted, embellished, photo transferred