Passiflora: Frenzy

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Passiflora: Frenzy
61 in
34 in
(155 cm x 86 cm)
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Mankind’s survival depends largely on the ability of pollinators to fertilize the flowers on our crops. Due to the extensive use of insecticides, that ability is threatened. I've made it a personal project to create an environment in my garden where pollinators of all types get a chance to thrive. They need not only nectar plants as a source of daily food, but also host plants that provide a nursery and food to take the caterpillars from egg to chrysalis. One of the most varied, but vital, is Passiflora or passion vine. It is a host plant to both the state butterfly of Florida, the zebra longwing, as well as the gulf fritillary. Depicting butterflies, caterpillars, and chrysalises, my linocut images tell that story.
Cotton, silk, linocut prints, acrylic textile pigments, water soluble netting
Dye painted, breakdown screen printed, gel printed, linocut printed, free motion stitched, appliquéd, pieced