No Exit

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No Exit
35 in
35 in
(89 cm x 89 cm)
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Art Van Go
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A quilt to suggest mental confusion. The threads are left unfinished to obscure the lettering. Two sentences are repeated throughout: 'I keep on going round in circles' and 'I keep on losing the thread.' I wanted to convey the frightening loss of control that Alheimer's sufferers must experience. Despite attempts at order, chaos keeps breaking out. The loose threads and the concentric circles echo the text.
I have been making text-based quilts since 2004. Increasingly, they are vehicles for personal or social commentary, like this, though sometimes they are more humorous.
The quilt, with its cultural associations of domesticity, femininity and slow and painstaking craft, is an ideal medium for expressing ideas like this.
Calico, wholecloth, felt batting.
Free-machine stitched lettering with the threads left unfinished, machine quilted.