Night Night

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Night Night
18 in
14 in
16 in
(46 cm x 36 cm x 41 cm)
Photo Credit
Marty McGillivray
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I often describe my work as "stealth art": the comfortable ambiance of sewn cloth draws viewers in, where they can muse on the paradoxes of contemporary life. I am interested in our daily routines and objects of daily use, and my best work conflates conflicting human impulses into a single image.

“Night Night," is from a recent series called Heirlooms, a group of domestic objects (house, rocking chair, bowl, platter, garden, dresser) incorporating cloth-covered plastic bones. Bones are a powerful symbol that evoke human mortality as well as human history and ancestry. This series examines daily life in the context of human fragility. How do objects and attitudes passed down in families embody the people who came before us? In a sense, we all live in houses created by our ancestors, and our descendants will live in structures created by us.
Cloth, armature
Machine collaged, machine quilted, hand-sewn over armature