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10 years ago I was working on a family history project and going through a lot of old photos that my parents had left me. After going through a lot of old photo albums and boxes filled filled with photos, I begin to think about better ways of showing those photos off so that people could see them. It was around this time that is a colleague at work who happened to be a quilter brought in some books so that she could look at them during lunch time and I happen to take a look at those books myself and it was something about looking at all those quilts that sparked my imagination. The thought of making quilts with photos instead of traditional quilting materials started forming in my mind. So for the past 10 years I've been working on making quilts from photos for myself and for my clients who have seen my website (
Since the quilts are made using photographs, the first thing I do is create the quilts design on the computer using digital image files and depending on the clients vision I will add traditional quilting materials to complete it. I think that using all or almost all photographs to create the quilt top and using them to create the quilts design/pattern is the main difference between my quilts and other quilts designs.
My intent for the type of quilts that I make is to turn little seen but cherished family photos or any photos what you have, and make them into artwork that can be seen, used as decoration and passed down through the family overtime and every quilt that I make is custom designed and made by hand using standard sewing machines and hand quilting practices.
Cotton fabric is used for the top, backing and binding
Cotton or cotton blends using polyester or bamboo is used for batting
Cotton or cotton blended threads
Ink used for the images water resistant and not harmful to children.
Traditional machine and hand quilting techniques.

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