Musashi on the Back of a whale

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Musashi on the Back of a whale
36 in
72 in
(91 cm x 183 cm)
Photo Credit
Barbara Schneider
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Created in 1999 Musashi on the Back of a Whale was one of my first attempts to create a large piece from a photo. I had always liked this woodblock print by Utagawa Kunyoshi sometime in the mid 1800s. I knew next to nothing about how to create a textile version of this piece! My favorite part was creating hte small figure on top of the whale. This piece travelled to Japan for exhibition at the Yokohama Quilt Festival in 2000.
Commercial fabrics, thread, small amounts of trims, batting, back fabric.
Working with a copy of the woodblock, I enlarged it, created patterns, attached all to batting, sewed. The small figure of Musashi was hand sewn in the style of a small hagoita paddle.