Mrs. Hamer

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Mrs. Hamer
36 in
36 in
(91 cm x 91 cm)
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For this piece, we sought to convey Fannie Lou Hamer’s indefatigable determination in gaining voting rights for her fellow black Mississippians through her intense gaze and selected text snippets. Mrs. Hamer was active mainly in the 1960s, but we note how shameful it is that these hard-won voting rights are being threatened again. We received permission from the Julius Lester Estate to use one of his photographs as a basis for this portrait. No cotton was used in the making of this piece.
Digitally-printed polyester (front), digitally printed silk and linen (back), wool batting, silk twist, polyester thread.
Collaged newspaper/magazine clippings digitally printed on fabric. Hand and machine quilted.