Morning Through The Mist

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Morning Through The Mist
42 in
64 in
(107 cm x 163 cm)
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This quilt was inspired by a photograph of the small village in Vermont where I live, taken from across the lake on a misty morning. This was created when I was just beginning my love affair with curved seam piecing. Over the years my curved lines have become more graceful, the shapes more fluid, and I have more confidence in my ability to stitch the curves

The shoreline that runs horizontally across the quilt is comprised of a number of pieced shapes that represent shrubs, trees and a few buildings. There is something quite unique about the arrangement of these shapes that leads viewers to assume the quilt is a replica of The Last Supper by Leonard Da Vinci. The first time someone suggested this to me, I was flabbergasted, but it happened so frequently that I stopped being surprised and finally one day, when I glanced at the piece in just the right way, I saw the resemblance also.
Cotton fabrics, polyester batt, cotton thread.
Hand pieced and quilted