Moonrise, Shiprock

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Moonrise, Shiprock
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Gregory Case
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My inspiration comes from trips to China, East Africa, Russia, Antarctica, and extensive travel throughout North America and Europe. I'm drawn to a few subjects in nature that I find perpetually intriguing and my voice is whispering a tribute to the incredible beauty in both the subtle and violent forces of nature, only touched by the hands of humans on rare occasions. I'm obsessively drawn to trees, rocks, all forms of water, and animals. I portray these subjects as if they were asking me to reveal their messages to the world.

This is Shiprock, known as Tsé Bit' a'í, "rock with wings" or "winged rock" in Navajo. It rises over 7100' above sea level and is an iconic landmark in New Mexico.
Silks, cotton blends, rayon, polyester satin, various threads, Dye-na-Flo paints and Shiva Paintstiks.
Painted, raw edge appliquéd, free motion stitched.

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