Mirror of the Soul: Mother

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Mirror of the Soul: Mother
58 in
53 in
(147 cm x 135 cm)
Photo Credit
The Photo Shop San Luis Obispo, CA
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Through mixed media, I explore the intermezzo between time, memory, and the soul. Are we all pieces of what we remember? Does it take the formation of a memory before we can truly value a moment in time? My art is a reflection of the mirror of my soul. Often I look into the mirror and see, breathe, and remember Mother.

I scanned and digitally developed dyed fabric and imagery from cherished vintage photos. Traditional techniques are present but morphed as I built layer upon layer. I mirror imaged Mother and abstractly portrayed her in repetition as I see myself as the child from whom I was born.

“Loving whom you came from is like looking into the mirror and loving yourself.” - Kahil Gibran
Cotton sateen, photographs, dyes
Scanned and digitally developed, dyed, digitally printed, machine quilted