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Maree Basse
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Olivier Junod
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The ongoing of the tides is an endless restarting which can be observed during long fascinating moments. Landscapes change during the movements of the ups and downs of the water together with the waves; some immersed parts become visible for a while and are then hidden once more.

The certainty of the upcoming of the tides is balanced by the inexorability of its rising and by the uncertainty of its intensity.

The viewer has no power and no influence on this daily rhythm, which can be compared to the rhythm we observe in life on earth.

This quilt speaks of a calm moment during low tide showing some remaining spots of water on the sea shore; it is a peaceful moment in a calm day.
Hand painted cotton fabric, cotton and rayon threads, cotton batting.
Landscape sewn by machine in some parts only on 3 sides; leaving some part of the fabrics free adds some texture to the piece. Freehand machine quilted only on certain areas in order to keep the liberty created by the partial sewing.

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