As Man Disappears From Sight the Land Remains

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As Man Disappears From Sight the Land Remains
34 in
90 in
(86 cm x 229 cm)
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Respect for the environment, and the beauty around my home, were the inspirations for this work. This view is from the Eastern side of Mount Ruapehu. The juxtaposition of the two powers -- the mana/power of the maunga/mountains and the electric charge supported by the pylons is seen here, the latter of which could be viewed as a disruption of an established natural order. Both cast shadows on this land of the Desert Road. Many people too, have made shadows on this land. "Whatungarongaro te tangata, toitu te whenua" is the Maori meaning of the title
Cotton with wool batting, piecing, machine quilting, hand dyed fabric, stamping textile ink.