Made in China / Fait en Chine

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Made in China / Fait en Chine
39 in
36 in
(99 cm x 91 cm)
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This quilt was made from clothing labels collected from my friends and family members and from the men's wear department of Hudson's department store in Stratford, Ontario.
Why make a quilt out of labels? To be different of course! I am also interested in the recycling aspect of it. Labels, which can be miniature works of art, are often cut off garments and discarded. Here they are elevated back to works of art on display.
This is the third quilt in a series on endangered species. The Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, is the world's most endangered large animal. The title is a quote from many of the labels used in the quilt and also refers to the fact that Giant Pandas are native to China. (The name of this panda is found on the label under the upper leaf furthest to the right - Miss Joy.)
Fabric clothing labels, cotton batt, rayon embroidery thread.
Machine piecing, satin stitch applique and domestic machine quilting. Bamboo leaves are loosely tacked onto the quilt. Some of the sky labels are painted with diluted blue acrylic fabric paint.