Mack 2020

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Mack 2020
53 in
40.5 in
(135 cm x 103 cm)
Photo Credit
George Miraben
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My artist’s goal is to push my creative processes and break through boundaries.

I have been a painter for many years and have always been curious about ways that textiles could be integrated into my work. Two years ago, I began a series of fabric portraits.

I am inspired by an idea and the fabric at the same time. As I work it’s fun to see the portraits develop a personality of their own, irrespective of what I thought they might look like and usually very different from any original ideas.

I currently work with fused appliqué in an improvisational way. I appreciate fiber work as art and strive to eliminate the line between art and craft. I believe that the boundaries that separate art and craft are antiquated and that craft’s transition from the fringe to a force in the mainstream art market is inevitable.

As I travel into my fourth decimate as an artist, I am embracing the risk-taking and the freedom that many years of making art have given me.
Commercial cotton fabrics.
Raw-edge fused appliquéd, machine quilted.