Liz Hewitt - Fragments of Time

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Liz Hewitt - Fragments of Time
128 in
12 in
(325 cm x 30 cm)
Photo Credit
Needlevision photography
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I am researching ways of recording how our industrial past has marked our landscape. Fragments of Time are part of a series of pieces documenting the effects the Tin Mining and Fishing industries of Cornwall have had on the landscape and its people. These industries have left ruined buildings, rusting boats and discarded machinery that litter the cliff tops and beaches.

Fragments of Time consists of three layered and pieced strip cloth maps stained with rusty objects gathered as I walked along the beaches, harbours and coast paths, capturing a sense of the place.

The patterns and colours created within the cloth - rusty orange, greys and blacks - evoke memories of past times and the rock formations found within the landscape; capturing moments of time as a visible sign of something that no longer exists except as a fleeting memory.
Stitch was used to enhance these patterns and to document the marks observed within the ruined buildings, rusting machinery and the coastal landscape.
West African organic cotton strip cloth dyed with tea made with Cornish soft water and rusty objects collected from the Cornish landscape , Silk Thread, Linen thread.