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52 in
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(132 cm x 104 cm)
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I like math because there is always a definite answer. I think the shapes created by geometry are beautiful. I'm interested in how the world can be defined by math, and specifically, I like to use the numbers that are used in astronomy and time keeping.

Many things around us are arbitrary, the relationship between the earth, the moon and the sun are not. You can divide a day in an arbitrary fashion: 24 hours, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute. But a day is defined by the earth rotating once around its axis.

The moon takes 28 days to rotate around the earth. There are thirteen lunar months in a year, 52 weeks, seven days in a week. I use those numbers in my designs.

The structure of my designs consist of rotational symmetry, using these divisions.

I use shapes that occur in nature and in mathematics; the spiral, arches.

I create my own fabric with Procion fiber reactive dyes, draping it over a pole and pouring the dye down, creating color that flows like water.
Procion fiber reactive hand dyes, created by the artist, polyester machine embroidery thread. Wool batting.
Fabric dyeing, fused appliqué, free motion quilting.