Ku Sup

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Ku Sup
60 in
48 in
(152 cm x 122 cm)
Photo Credit
Jim Turner
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Using "yo-yos" as the building blocks of each, I formed likenesses of my husband, Ku-sup. For the past two years, my husband, Ku-Sup, a specialist on ethnic relations, has written articles for the Korea Daily Newspaper. The image for this particular work comes from the bi-monthly articles that he writes. Since the original image was made using a half-tone printing process the large dots that comprise it are more distinct once the photo is enlarged. After enlarging it, I made yo-yos in varying shades of purple and in sizes corresponding to the enlarged dots. When viewed from afar, the sharp contrast between the purple yo-yos and the white background make it appear to be a black and white image. When one is viewing it within close range, each dot is clearly distinguished from its neighbors, but the entire image is lost at this proximity.
recycled fabric, whole cloth
yo yo quilt, hand stitched